Each of our playlists has been carefully & expertly curated to create each playlist's intentional mood outcome so we strongly recommend listening to each playlist as designed.


However, we know you may want to put together a collection of playlists to play in a particular order or even just assemble a few playlists together to ensure that you have a full and varied day of music playback. This is where our Favourites functionality can be brilliantly used...


To create your own playlist mix from scratch:

1) Ensure that My Favourites is empty


2) Find the last playlist that you want in your final mix, add it to My Favourites


3) Find and add to My Favourites any other playlists you wish to include, add them in reverse order to the playback order you want to achieve.

4) Go to My Favourites to review all the songs in your playlist mix.

5) Delete individual tracks by hovering over the track and clicking "x"


6) Play all your favourited songs from the beginning by clicking the play button above the track list.