The Myndstream Spa Music Service is a browser-based web app accessible at

Currently, this service is supported on Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. Popular mobile browsers should also be able to access the site, although complete functionality is not guaranteed in every instance.

Common browsers and their supported versions:

  • Chrome: version 107 or higher
  • Chrome: (Android) version Android 11 or higher
  • Firefox: version 107 or higher
  • Safari: version 16.2 or higher
  • Safari: (iOS) version iOS 14 or higher

As this is a music streaming service, you will need access to the internet, either via wi-fi, wired connection, or mobile cellular data, in order to access Myndstream. For the best possible streaming experience, we recommend a minimum of at least 2mbps download speed.

Check whether your browser is up to date here.