There are two search methods currently built in:

1.) Search by Playlist name

Select the Search option from the left-margin menu.

In the search field, type in the title of the playlist you’re looking for.

Our playlists are named according to the therapeutic aim, the musical styling and the duration: all these elements can be searched for.

Wait for the playlist to populate onscreen.


2.) Search by category (mood or duration)

Select the Search option from the left-margin menu. All of the categories will be listed on the page: defined by playlist mood or duration. Move your mouse over whichever tile you wish to explore and click.


Once you’ve selected a category, select a playlist from within that category you wish to listen to.


Each playlist has a short description containing information about the main instrumentation, genres and BPM or Tempo range.

Finally, select Play button above the the track list, or next to a specific track from within the playlist that you wish to listen to, and it will begin playing.