Welcome to the Myndstream Spa Music Service! To create an account:

1. If you are on the landing page (https://play.myndstream.com/sign-in), click on "Don't have an account?" to be redirected to the account creation page.

Alternatively, proceed to http://myndstream.com/pricing/ where you will find full product information & purchase instructions.


2.) Complete all required fields in the Billing details section and review your order. The email address you enter will be the email that we will use to communicate with you and the email associated with your account.


3.) Review your subscription plan and enter payment details. Payment processing is handled by Stripe. Click “Buy Now” to complete your purchase.

4.) You will be automatically redirected to review your order and proceed to access the Portal. You will also receive confirmation emails from Myndstream with your order details and a prompt to set your new password.

Once you've set your new password, you will be able to log in and use the Spa Music Service.