In order to provide the best aural quality, we recommend using external speakers to improve the audio experience for your customers. There are many ways to connect devices to speakers, and the method will be dependent on the device and speaker you are using. The simplest way to do this is to use a connection cable (USB, micro USB, Aux, etc.) between your device and the speaker. If the device and the speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, you can also connect your device to your speaker via Bluetooth if available. Please consult the hardware manuals for the devices you wish to connect via Bluetooth in order to proceed.

In general, here is how Bluetooth connectivity usually works when pairing devices:

Step 1: Put your speaker in pairing mode

Switch on the speaker and activate Bluetooth (consult your device's manual for instructions on how to do this). By doing so the speaker will enter "pairing mode" and become discoverable by other devices.

Step 2: Switch on Bluetooth on your device

Go to your device settings and select the Bluetooth settings option. This is highly device dependent so for more information for your specific device we suggest reading your device instructions. Find the "other devices" section under Bluetooth settings and make sure your device is discoverable as well. Under "other devices" select the speaker you want to pair with. Both your speaker and device should be in pairing mode now and they will try to connect to each other.

Step 3: Wait for the devices to connect, then play

It will take a short time for the devices in pairing mode to connect to each other. Once they are connected you will be able to play music through the speaker, controlled via your device.